Verdant Enigma Men's Ebony Bracelet

Immerse yourself in the luxurious depth of the Verdant Enigma Bracelet, where natural elegance meets a touch of the mystical. Handcrafted with rich, dark ebony wood beads, this piece exudes a warm, earthy charm, grounded in the strength and resilience of nature. The twin steel skeleton beads are a nod to the enduring spirit, juxtaposing the organic feel of the wood with a hint of modernity and edge. At its heart lies a single green crystal-encrusted bead, reminiscent of an untouched forest glade, offering a splash of color and a sparkle that captures the light. Ideal for the discerning man who appreciates the balance between rugged natural beauty and refined detail, this bracelet is a distinctive statement piece for all occasions.


  • Stretch Bracelet
  • One Size - Fits 8” Wrist


  • Ebony Wood Beads
  • Steel Skull Beads
  • Green Pave Bead
  • Stretch cord
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