Serene Spirit Amazonite Necklace

Embrace tranquility with the "Serene Spirit Amazonite Necklace." This piece centers around a smooth Amazonite pendant, known for its soothing hues and calming energy. Its cool, watery tones are elegantly framed by a gleaming wire wrap, complementing the vibrant green of the satin cord. Finished with gold accents, this 18-inch necklace lies close to the heart, offering a daily reminder of peace and balance. Perfect for layering or as a standalone statement, it's a meaningful accessory for the Coral Heat woman who values harmony in her style and soul.


  • 18 Inches
  • 2 Inch Extender Chain


  • Amazonite stone pendant
  • Green Satin Nylon Cord
  • Gold Plated Curb Chain
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