Blush Charm Aventurine Necklace

Dress your neckline in the warm glow of the "Blush Charm Aventurine Necklace." This delicate piece features a Pink Aventurine pendant, renowned for its gentle pink essence and properties that encourage prosperity and positive thinking. Encased in a minimalist gold setting, the soft blush stone offers a touch of feminine grace, while the green satin cord provides a fresh, organic feel. With its subtle yet captivating allure, this necklace is a versatile accessory for the Coral Heat woman, complementing her every day with a hint of natural beauty and optimism.


  • 18 Inches
  • 2 Inch Extender Chain


  • Pink Aventurine Stone Pendant
  • Green Satin Nylon Cord
  • Gold Plated Curb Chain
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