Azure Amazonite Serenade Bracelet

Embrace the serene embrace of the Azure Serenade Bracelet, a masterpiece that weaves the opulence of gold with the tranquil depths of the ocean. Hand crafted with lustrous golden beads that catch the light with every movement, this bracelet is adorned with three azure amazonite stones, each one a whisper of the calm seas and clear skies. Designed for souls who find beauty in life's quiet moments, the Azure Serenade is more than a piece of jewelry—it's a companion that complements your inner poise and grace.


  • 7 Inches
  • 2 Inch Extender
  • Magnetic Clasp Closure - Simply set the length with the clap and then use the magnetic to snap on and off


  • Blue Amazonite Stone (due to natural stone color may differ from what is shown)
  • Gold Plated Brass
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